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How to Assign a Facebook Username to Your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook business page and have not set up your facebook username, now is the time to do that.  Why you ask?  So you can easily promote your page and folks can easily find your page.    You may be thinking that all someone needs to do is search for your page […]

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Keyword Matching Domain Names

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to increase your SEO mojo (more SEO mojo means better rankings) is to use a domain name that has an exact match for your targeted keyword. Say for instance you sell bicycles. The best domain for you could be Of course that domain […]

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Facebook Timeline Cover Template

Facebook seems to change things and change them often. This tends to make people angry, but most of the changes are for the better and folks eventually get used to them and sometimes even learn to love them. A recent change is the timeline format. Anyone that hasn’t switched to this new format by March […]

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.co Domains – The Great .com Alternative

Are you in the market for a .com domain name, but finding that obtaining a suitable one that is actually available is near impossible?  Finding the right .com address for your business is getting harder each day. You need one that fits your brand name, but is not very long, and it has to be easy for […]

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