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How to see your Facebook Business Page Likes

How to see your Facebook Business Page Likes

I recently had a customer, McClures Bakery, ask me how they could see who has liked their business page. The folks who have liked their page are considered fans and it seems there is not an obvious way to see who these people are. Facebook will show you (at the top right of your business page timeline) the fans that are also “friends” of your personal page. But what about all the other people that have liked your business page, but are not a friend? How do you see who these people are?

I did not have an instant answer for my client, but I assured him that I would look into it and get back to him. I figured it would be a click away, but soon found that it is buried pretty deep on your page. So here are some step-by-step instructions of how you can find a list of your fans. Please note however that it looks as if you can only see 50 of the most recent likes or fans. I am still working on trying trying to see the entire list if the page has more than 50 fans.

First off make sure you are signed into your page as an admin. I admin the McClures Bakery page and the images below use that as an example.  Click the show button to expand the Admin Panel.

facebook admin page

This expands your window to show you an array of admin functions. Locate the window labeled “insights” and click inside this window.

facebook insights window

Your insights window will expand giving you a more detailed look of some statistics. Find the link near the top left that is labeled “likes” and click on that.

facebook admin page

Finally click the link to the right that says “see likes”.

facebook admin page

A window will now appear as you see below and you can use that to scroll through approx. 50 of your latest fans. Hopefully I will have a way to get 100% of the list in a future article. On a side note, McClures Bakery has a location in Lancaster, PA, but they also sell shoo fly pie on-line and they will be selling whoopie pies on-line in the near future. These are authentic Lancaster County Pennsylvania Dutch products that you can not get anywhere else! If interested you can order their shoo fly pie here.

facebook admin page

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